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A man with inner peace
If only Dustin Johnson hated bogeys as badly as Tiger Woods did and had that must-win attitude, he’d be an even bigger world-beater (“World No. 1 merits a bit more respect,” Aug. 6).

But, I’ll bet he’s a lot happier and more peaceful than Woods ever was or probably will be. Johnson might never win another major championship, or he could win three or four, but when he’s 50, he’ll still be content.

John T. Doyle 
Lakeland, Fla.

Don’t bring Woods-Mickelson to Bristol
I have a hard time understanding why anyone would spend millions of dollars to have a match between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, two has-been golfers (“In the news,” Aug. 3).

Neither has had a decent outing in the matches I have been watching every weekend. Mickelson does a better job of advertising dress shirts than hitting a covey of repetitive golf shots or putts. Woods starts well but falters in the finishing rounds.

I wouldn't go watch if they were putting on a free exhibition match in the area.

Bobby Goforth
Bristol, Tenn.

Surely, I am not the only one who finds Gary Koch's style as a TV commentator to be silly and demeaning. He obviously is under the misconception that his underhanded, silly comments are cute/entertaining.

NBC should assign him to the kindergarten group.

Kitty Russell

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