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Hold PGA’s Bevacqua accountable
What a travesty that Pete Bevacqua, the PGA of America’s chief executive officer, gets a very prestigious position with NBC Sports Group when he should have been fired (“Bevacqua’s exit leaves questions for PGA,” July 25).

Please explain, Pete, what you have done to better your club pros’ training and advancement possibilities. Nothing has changed for them.

Also, explain the seriousness of the two situations involving recent PGA presidents. Four years ago, Ted Bishop tweets a “li’l girl” comment at Ian Poulter and is fired. Current president Paul Levy is charged with driving under the influence and keeps his position (“PGA applies double standard in Levy case,” June 17).

One puts no one in physical danger, and the other is alleged to have threatened the lives of an unknown number of people while driving, yet he's still there on your watch. 

Michael Merrill
McKinney, Texas

Promote a PGA pro to top job
Congratulations on your editorial about the need for the PGA of America to get back to its roots by selecting/promoting from within for the job of CEO (“PGA needs CEO who matters to members,” July 26).

Spiraling costs and overheated competition for the American sportsman’s leisure-time dollar have made participation – going to a game or playing a round of golf – for the average guy (with a family to support and educate) second only to making a down payment on a new car.

It’s time to get back to basics. Let’s start by putting a PGA pro in charge.       

Daniel Cahill
Santa Ana, Calif.

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