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Bevacqua’s move smells fishy
A few months ago, Pete Bevacqua, the chief executive officer of the PGA of America, did nothing to make a stand for the elimination of tax breaks for clubs doing corporate outings, etc. He stood firmly with the PGA Tour and both organizations’ nonprofit status (which in itself is a bit of a joke), which hurt the regular PGA-member clubs. Morning Read contributor Ted Bishop questioned this move at the time, and now we see why (“Some golf leaders drop ball on tax reform,” Feb. 26).

The PGA Tour equals Golf Channel which equals NBC. Now, Bevacqua will be in control of Golf Channel and obviously leaves in the PGA offices many supporters who owe him and will have input on the PGA’s next TV decision. The whole thing smells a bit fishy to me (“Bevacqua’s exit leaves questions for PGA,” July 25).

I never liked Bevacqua’s trust-me attitude – wink wink – and that it'll work out fine. Now Golf Channel already is saying how wonderful he is.

I'm sure he is a great leader, but it looks as if he likes leading himself upward and never looking back.

Garen Eggleston
Galloway, Ohio 

Don’t like NBC’s commercials? Use your DVR
NBC is paying $50 million per year for broadcast rights to the British Open, according to Sports Business Daily (“From the Morning Read inbox,” July 25). The network has to pay for it, so we get to watch the commercials. That's what the DVR is for.

Tiger Woods is No. 20 in the Ryder Cup standings. Didn't the rest of the field have nearly two years to achieve their positions? He got there in six months. I think that makes him a hot golfer (“Spieth, Woods still have plenty to prove,” July 23).

I watched many hours of the British Open and heard very little of the shouting idiots (“Golf, gambling and inanity: Bet on it,” July 25). It's too bad a few got picked up on Sunday when the audience was the largest.

Jim Kavanagh
St. Augustine, Fla.

Turn back clock to 1980 for showdown
Let’s go to Pebble Beach. Forget the Phil Mickelson vs. Tiger Woods match for $10 million (“Woods-Mickelson duel needs reality check,” July 9).

How about a $10 million purse at Pebble Beach? Let's see how the ball flies. In this tournament, all pros would play a ball from 1980.

My guess is that many loyal golf viewers would be very curious to see what difference it would make to the best golfers in the world.

Glenn Monday
Tucson, Ariz.
(Monday is the head professional at Dorado Golf Course in Tucson and author of “Know Your Swing.”)

The silent treatment
Why not allow pros to wear noise-canceling headphones only when they address and swing? (“Golf, gambling and inanity: Bet on it,” July 25).

They work pretty well on flights with crying kids.

Bill Martin
Quitman, Texas

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