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Woods, Mickelson move golf’s needle
For those who feign disinterest in a Tiger Woods-Phil Mickelson winner-take-all match because they believe that Woods and Mickelson are “has-beens,” those people probably never have been to an actual tournament where thousands follow every step and shot these guys make (“Woods-Mickelson duel needs reality check,” July 9). They are the two biggest draws in golf, period.

Secondly, as far as putting up their own money, I agree. And, have people forgotten that when asked about this, it was Woods who said that he will play for whatever makes Mickelson “uncomfortable”? Sounds like he’s willing to pony up his share.

Lastly, can we add an undercard of Rickie Fowler versus Michelle Wie? She could pat him on his head on the first tee … and away they go.

James Wyatt
Bethesda, Md.

Unlike Godot, golf eventually arrives
Thanks for your great article on the 2018-19 PGA Tour season (“PGA Tour’s 2018-19 season: Less is more,” July 11). I particularly related to your introductory comments about the golf season in New England.

Before retirement and escaping the relentless winter weather of northern New Hampshire to enjoy snowbird golf in southeast Georgia, my wife and I had an opening-day tradition. Every Jan. 1, at our home in Lancaster, N.H., we cleared the snow and embraced the usual sub-zero temperatures to hit our first shots of the new season, off a tattered mat into the woods surrounding our home.

Then, we quickly retreated into the house, enjoyed the warmth of our glowing pellet stove and contemplated the real start of our golf season – usually not until mid-April, if we were lucky.

I am certain that many New Englanders will strongly identify with your words about waiting for golf – akin to waiting for Godot – and the endurance that it requires to survive the long and brutal winters that eventually make way for the golf season.

Ted Comstock
Lancaster, N.H.

Rerouted to the Andes
A few years ago, I traveled from Florida to visit my son stationed at Hill Air Force Base near Salt Lake City (airport designation SLC). My bags got there with no problem; my clubs didn’t (“Travel bags help golf roadies fight back,” July 11). They arrived just before my return home, having enjoyed a trip to Santiago, Chile (SCL).

Some dyslexic baggage handler probably decided that the clubs would like the warmth of Chile better than the colder weather in Utah. I guess we’ll never know because the clubs ain’t talking.

Cary Sternberg 
The Villages, Fla.

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