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Support for Dahmen in Kang caper

PGA Tour player Joel Dahmen has accused colleague Sung Kang of taking a very favorable drop from the hazard that runs most of the length of the par-5 10th hole during Sunday’s final round of the Quicken Loans National. Kang dropped near the green, made par and eventually finished third. I was on the 10th hole watching the entire sequence of events, and I side with Dahmen (“In the news,” July 4)

Kang had about 260 yards from the very left side of the fairway, thus his ball had to completely clear the hazard to the green. I do not know how far the line extends to the green, but that didn't seem to be the issue, given where Kang eventually dropped. He appeared to argue that his ball crossed an area to the right of his line, thus allowing him to drop close to the green. 

At one point, after a long time near the green, the rules official drove Kang back to the area from where he had hit. But Kang showed the official a line that wasn't the line that Kang had taken. He went to the center of the fairway where he may have crossed the area from where he dropped, not the area from the far left side of the fairway.

Kang misrepresented what happened. I am glad that Dahmen is making this public and did his best to protect the field. 

Bill Tignanelli
Perry Hall, Md.


Slicing through golf’s ‘stiff-upper-lip baloney’

John Hawkins’ article on bro-hugs was funny and sporty. It seemed like great satire (“Get a grip, dude, and ban the bro-hug,” July 3).

On the off chance that there was an ounce of seriousness behind his opinion, I’ll offer that golf has suffered too long under that stiff-upper-lip baloney.

Join the 21st century, John.

Richard Jepsen
Alameda, Calif.


Those are the breaks

I don’t see the difference between Putt Breaks software (“Putt Breaks helps solve green-reading riddle,” July 4) – or green diagrams, for that matter – and rangefinders that compensate for elevation changes, which are prohibited under Rule 14-3.

Bob Jones
Salem, Ore.


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