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He’s more than a Rank amateur

I first heard of amateur Garrett Rank and his U.S. Open debut during the NHL playoffs (“Rank sheds skates for spot in U.S. Open,” June 14). Washington had just iced the puck, and Rank was skating hard to the boards when NBC broadcasters Mike Emrick and Eddie Olczyk mentioned that Rank was playing in the Open. I immediately said, “Who did they say was playing in the Open?” My wife said she thought it was one of the players, so I re-wound the TV (thank you, DVR).

As I was reaching for the remote, they mentioned Rank and showed him as he was about to drop the puck.

An NHL referee who cross-checked testicular cancer, on a pair of steel rails working the toughest game and now working the toughest golf course.

Drop the gloves, baby. It’s about to get real in Southampton.

Kenneth C. Taylor
Fort Worth, Texas


A lack of understanding

It is really a shame that Fox doesn’t have better on-course reporters for the U.S. Open. Ken Brown is the worst. He may be saying insightful things, but his voice and inflection are so bad that no one can understand him.

Jim Armstrong
Wichita, Kan.


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