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Azinger’s skills fall short in women’s game

While I agree with John Hawkins’ view of the on-air skills of Paul Azinger, please remember that it applies only to men’s golf (“Azinger gives Fox shot at gaining respect,” June 13).

His performance at the U.S. Women’s Open was grating. From his use of the term “girls” to refer to the players to his occasional praise of them by comparing their skills to the men, Azinger gave a somewhat clueless display. I watched, thinking, Where are Terry Gannon and Judy Rankin when we need them?

Robin Dea
Vancouver, Wash.


What’s the big deal about backstopping?

With all the complaining about rounds of golf taking too much time, why would anyone want to take more time to mark a ball that is only peripherally in the way? (“From the Morning Read inbox,” June 12). Has anyone thought to count how many times a ball on the green is actually hit?

Backstopping is a non-issue with me.

Wayne C. Caballero
Anaheim, Calif.


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