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In defense of Seaview’s Bay Course

In response to a letter from Charlie Jurgonis (“From the Morning Read inbox,” June 8), I'd like to offer the following:

Firstly, the Stockton Seaview Hotel and Golf Club’s Bay Course that the LPGA played during the recent ShopRite LPGA Classic might measure only 6,200 yards, but it could be the best overall test of the year. The players hit every club in their bag while simultaneously being terrified over each one of them. It's an exacting masterpiece that, apart from the occasionally bumpy Poa annua greens, never draws anything but the highest of praise from the players. 

Secondly, the 54-hole format has proved to be one of the most successful financial business models of any LPGA event. It's very common for an event that's sponsored by a retail chain to need two days of pro-ams to make room for the multitude of sponsors that pay to put customers on the course with the LPGA's stars. In New Jersey, three courses are utilized to do just that, resulting in a jealousy-inducing six pro-am days of revenue-producing (fund-raising) golf to benefit local charities. 

And lastly, if we compare apples to apples, neither attendance nor ratings are down at all this year. The unfortunate reality is that weather-plagued events seem to be more the norm this year, resulting in keeping people at home and necessitating the occasional tape-delayed broadcast, which always hurts viewership numbers. Otherwise, more people are watching the LPGA through an expanding number of viewing platforms and hours of coverage than ever before. 

I would like to personally invite Mr. Jurgonis to be my guest next year and witness first-hand the amazing support that the LPGA enjoys in New Jersey. 

Jerry Foltz
St. Cloud, Fla.

(Foltz is a Golf Channel commentator who serves as an on-course reporter for broadcasts of LPGA tournaments.)


Distance doesn’t equate with difficulty

Regarding the comment about the Bay Course at Seaview: Have you ever played this course where the wind blows and the fescue grass will eat your golf balls? Distance doesn't always determine the quality of a golf course. I challenge you to play the short par 3s and the small, sloping greens with deep bunkers to see whether you can come close to shooting your handicap.

Distance isn't the only difficulty of a golf course.

Michael Coe
Ocala, Fla.


A gray area

“The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” 

Oh, wait a minute. That’s just Chicken Little with the LPGA blowing the horn – once again – with clouds and a few sprinkles.

Tony Macek
Endicott, N.Y.


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