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Mixed signals

Thanks, CBS, for the lousy coverage of the Memorial Tournament.

Not everybody in the world lives their lives by their phones. We watched the early coverage Sunday and expected to watch the tape delay. And what did we get? When we left the early coverage, Tiger Woods was on hole No. 4 or 5, and then we start watching CBS and the leaders are on No. 17, for crying out loud. And then after it’s over, CBS starts broadcasting where Woods and the others left off after the early coverage ended.

So much for watching one of the best tournaments of the year. It’s Jack Nicklaus’ event. Show the whole tournament.

What a crock.

Ken Drake
Albany, Ore.


Politically incorrect

Keep politics and political correctness out of sports (“Shoal Creek revisited: Has golf changed?” May 29).

Everyone has a right to say what he or she wants, so don't shoot the messenger (“From the Morning Read inbox,” June 1)Morning Read is neutral and not trying to control readers’ opinions to be politically correct.

Private clubs are just that: private. I might be called a racist or chauvinist for not being politically correct, but I don't care. I don't belong to a private club, and never have. Trying to change everyone's opinion or shut them up from saying what their opinion is to suit political-correctness followers is nonsense.

Gregory Tatoian
Port St. Lucie, Fla.


Taking a stand for inclusion

Back on the LPGA in the early-to-mid-1960s, I played with Althea Gibson. We chose not to play an event that would not include all of us equally.

This was 50-plus years ago.

Andy C. Fischer
Dayton, Ohio

(Fischer played on the LPGA in the 1960s and '70s, first as Andy Cohn and then, after marriage, as Andy Fischer.)


Knock off the liberal propaganda

Letters to the editor peddling the progressive-left mantra of white racism and/or a lack of diversity and inclusion are getting tiresome (“From the Morning Read inbox,” June 1)

Should there be discussion regarding the lack of white players in the NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball in the next Morning Read?

Enough of the political propaganda. How about plain old golf news?

Brooke Samuelson
Windsor, Conn.


A path forward for golf

A number of articles have been written in Morning Read about the issues in growing the game of golf. Manufacturers, course operators, retailers and many golfers want the best for the game that we enjoy and want to see it attract new participants.

Unfortunately, it has become quite obvious that many people, especially the baby-boom generation, really do not care about the growth of the game. It's obvious that they prefer golf to be what they want it to be for themselves, which, in many cases, is playing in an environment inclusive of people who only look, think and act just like themselves.

If every country club's members were clamoring for their course management to support a First Tee program and award “scholarship memberships” to interested youngsters of diverse backgrounds, the game eventually would see more diversity at the game's highest levels, which certainly would lead to more role models, and therefore, increased interest.  

And, by the way, racism, sexism and homophobia are not “political topics.” They are major character flaws, and it's high time that gets pointed out.

Terry Fraser
Brooksville, Fla.


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