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Teach your children well

J.B. Holmes didn't have a coach with him when he took 4-plus minutes to hit his second-shot layup at Torrey Pines (“Keeping score,” Jan. 29)

The former assistant coach is correct (“From the Morning Read inbox,” May 29): Kids are taught visualization, pre-shot routines and not to hit until they are zeroed-in.

It's not the coaches who are slowing the game down; it's the teachers.

Charlie Jurgonis
Fairfax, Va.


Loose shirt or swing aid?

While watching Justin Rose last weekend and seeing him tuck his shirt under his left arm, it occurred to me that he was violating the spirit of Rule 14-3 on swing aides(“Rule 14-3: Artificial Devices and Unusual Equipment; Abnormal Use of Equipment”).

The express reason for tucking the shirt under his arm is to help him in keeping his swing connected. Just a thought for the USGA rules committee. 

Dick Greenwood
Bradenton, Fla.


More golf, less politics

I read Morning Read every morning because I am a golfer and enjoy golf stories, events, etc. I do not read it to hear political and progressive b.s., especially from Canada(“Shoal Creek revisited: Has golf changed?” May 29). I can watch the political stuff on TV and turn it off. 

Let’s keep Morning Read about playing golf. 

Jim Will
The Villages, Fla.


Rooting for Gary Smith

What a wonderful story of strength and perseverance (“Parkinson’s patient uses golf as elixir,” May 28).

I'm sure that Gary Smith was told many times that his improvement was “all in his head” and at best just an odd respite that would soon disappear. That he fought those theories and the easy give-up that they might have offered is testament to his inner strength.

It's funny that in a world where we are arguing back and forth on pace of play and music on the course, the story that gets me the most is the story of triumph over adversity.

Please tell Gary that as a 63-year-old liver-transplant patient who also seemed to ache and fatigue far too often, I will heed the message behind his wonderful success.

As one famous song says, “You Gotta Move.”

Good luck, Gary.

Baird Heide
Bradford, Ontario


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