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Rival pro tour won’t happen

To think that there are 18 companies in the world that will pony up $20 million-plus to sponsor a pro golf tournament is laughable (“Money could lure stars to rival pro tour,” May 25).

There are a handful of PGA Tour events that are played without a title sponsor, and those events require “only” $7 million-$8 million for title rights.

If the marketing experts at the PGA Tour can't nail down title sponsors with their guaranteed worldwide exposure, existing TV contracts and ubiquitous brand, to say an unknown entity with no leader, no organizational infrastructure, no track record and no players can do it is gibberish.

Allen Freeman
Brecksville, Ohio


Keep coaches on sidelines

I used to coach girls high school golf in Iowa. The players could not use rangefinders, nor could a coach talk to the girl while on the fairway. We could talk to them from the time the pin was put in the hole until they reached the next tee box. The game was entirely in the hands of the player, not the coach, as it should be (“From the Morning Read inbox,” May 25).

The coach is not the player and should not have a place on the course, other than being an observer. The time to coach the player is before or after the tournament, not during.

Jim Hanthorne
Tucson, Ariz.


Remembering Mann

As someone just three years younger than Carol Mann, I can say that I saw her play at her peak (“Mann’s legacy extends far beyond trophies,” May 23). What a true joy it was to see her play and watch the joy she seemed to have in playing the game.

Later, when I was involved in the golf business, I would cross paths with Carol in Orlando, and occasionally in dealing with some of my staff members’ business. She was more of a joy in later life than she was as a player.

Reading your piece and getting teary-eyed at remembering her boundless love for golf, I can only hope that Carol now has all the love and fulfillment that she gave to the game and the people she came in contact with.

Thank you so much for your story.

David Sanguinetti
Livermore, Calif.


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