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Hair-raising tribute to Mann

Thank you for Jeff Babineau’s excellent piece about Carol Mann (“Mann’s legacy extends far beyond trophies,” May 23)

To be honest, I had never heard of this World Golf Hall of Famer, but that is my loss. 

I have read the article twice, just to see if the hairs on the back of my neck bristled again. They did. 

Was it the journalism, or the thought that this woman was something special? 

Seventy-seven is way too young, and the world, not just golf, has lost a gem. 

Kevin O'Neill
Kilwinning, Scotland


Fortunate to be called a friend

I couldn’t sleep and was going through email when I came upon your story of Carol Mann. What an outstanding article and what a neat person she must have been. And how fortunate for you, Jeff Babineau, that you called her a friend.

David Adams
Plano, Texas


Fascinating remembrance

Jeff Babineau’s piece about Carol Mann was fascinating.

I had recollections of her prowess, but his article really told the story about the person.

This is writing that I prefer compared with the type that brings loud howls.

Garen Eggleston
Galloway, Ohio 


LPGA’s classy promoter

Thanks for telling more of Carol Mann’s story. She did so much to promote the LPGA, and as you wrote, she was such a classy person.

Jack Stohlman
Franklin, Ind.


Mixed message

I agree with Gary Van Sickle that Trinity Forest and similar courses are not the answer (“Tour sites in Texas hit, miss golf’s needs,” May 22). However, look at all the low-cost, easy-access facilities that have closed. Golfers don’t want them, either, it appears.

The Horse Course at Prairie Club looks fabulous, but who can run to Valentine, Neb., to play a quick nine with their kids?

I hope with all my heart that Sweetens Cove in Tennessee is a financial success, as it could cause new growth. 

I sure wish I had the answers.

Thomas A. Fagerli
Yadkinville, N.C.


Shorter, faster and more fun

Gary Van Sickle nailed it with his opinion piece on the future of recreational golf. Play it up; play it fast; play it for fun.  

Maybe water and woods are necessary evils. However, manmade bunkers don't need high lips and uneven lies. The sandy lie provides enough challenge for most of us hacks. And let's not get started on two-shot penalties for stroke and distance.

When my round of golf ceases to be enjoyable, I leave the course and find another activity. I can walk off, get a ride from a marshal or be lucky enough to be near the parking lot.

I can see the day coming when I'll just skip it altogether.

Jim Kavanagh
St. Augustine, Fla.


Delay of game

Disgraceful. How can anyone who wants to promote the game of golf not scream when they watched the NCAA Division I women's match play on Tuesday?

Players took ridiculous time over shots. One shot by a UCLA player took more than two minutes (probably closer to three), with the player and coach discussing options, on a layup. It was embarrassing for all, including the TV announcers.

Assess a loss-of-hole penalty and see play speed up. Keep the coaches out of it.

Dick Greenwood
Bradenton, Fla.


Grading Players for ‘major’ upgrade

If you're going to do this exercise, let's deal with the fact that none of the majors were “majors” when they first started out (“If only the Players were a major …,” May 8). So, let's not get all blowy and puffy about the first 10 or 15 years of the Players Championship having the pressure or attention that comes with the Masters, U.S. Open, British Open or PGA. Consequently, winners of early Players Championships cannot be put into the same category as winners of acknowledged majors.

The first yardstick on measuring the Players for a major-championship jacket ought to be, when in its history did it start drawing the same percentage participation of the world's top-50 players as the other majors?

The second yardstick would be, when did the prize money start matching the other majors?

Finally, when did attendance reach a similar level as the other majors?

Once it has all three, call it another major and get on with it.

John Guild
Lake Zurich, Ill.


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