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The making of ‘Chip-meister’

To Dan O’Neill’s story (“Some golf records will stand test of time,” May 17), I’d like to add one I’ve never witnessed before or since.

My regular foursome of Stubs, Greg Blanton, Mike Swigart and I were playing Hueston Woods near Oxford, Ohio, one sunny spring day a few years ago when Swigart chipped in with sand wedge on the par-3 third hole for birdie. We congratulated him and teed off on the par-4 fourth. Swigart missed the green short right but chipped in again, with pitching wedge, to save par.

Back-to-back chip-ins.

I’m lucky to get one or two in a season, and some of those are “putts” from the fringe. But Swigart wasn’t done.

On the long par-4 fifth, he hit his approach shot hole high, just off the green left. Incredibly, he did it again, holing out with pitching wedge.

Another chip-in. Birdie, par, par. Back-to-back-to-back.

I remarked then that I’d never even seen a pro do that, and probably the odds even then aren’t great. They rarely miss three greens in a row. Ever since, Swigart has been known as “Chip-meister.”

John Gaughan
Fairfield, Ohio


Bad bet for PGA Tour

I am not sure why the PGA Tour thinks that supporting gambling is a good thing (“Court ruling opens door to golf gambling,” May 15). It is a vice that produces only bad results.  

The Tour should focus on the wholesomeness of golf. Encourage its members to be ambassadors for the game and entice new participants, especially women and children. Tying gambling to golf will only add to its current challenges.  

Mark Anderson
Alexandria, Va.

(Anderson is a PGA of America member.)


Tough spot for PGA pros

It's bad enough that your PGA club professional has been hurt by the retail and online discount houses, but now the PGA Tour is helping to drive the final nail into their coffin (“Golf retailer gears up for long haul,” May 16)

Charlie Jurgonis
Fairfax, Va.


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