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Next stop: The bread line

Now every club selection, every blown 3-footer, every legitimate choke job by a player may be subject to second-guessing the player’s action and motive (“Court ruling opens door to golf gambling,” May 15).

Legalized gambling will ruin professional sports, just as professional athletes ruined the Olympics. It’s another bad move by a government hell-bent on generating income from every possible source.

You think the homeless problem is bad now? Just wait until we know-it-all super seniors start betting our Social Security checks on any and every sporting event on TV.

Dan Cahill
Santa Ana, Calif.


Potential payoff from gambling

It's probably a good bet that more cash has changed on a golf course than in any other sport.

The opportunity to at least monitor the betting and perhaps get a cut for the locals makes a lot of sense.

Garen Eggleston
Galloway, Ohio


Renewed hope for a struggling putter

I’ve played this game at the highest amateur level since 1961 – I’m 75 now – and had success. I putted with an Acushnet Bullseye. I eventually switched to Wilson’s 8802 and 8813 models and emulated Jack Nicklaus’ putting stroke. That also worked.

By the mid-1980s, I got the yips.

Fast forward: I’ve tried cross-handed, belly, long putter and – thank you, Skip Kendall – the claw. The best advice I got was from Chapter 19 of Dave Pelz’s book “Putt Like The Pros. 

Now I’m fighting the yips again. I just had a putter converted to the forearm method.

In winning the recent Players Championship, Webb Simpson gave me hope (“Simpson gets a grip on winning again,” May 16)

Spencer Sappington
Milton, Ga.


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