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LPGA drops ball in Texas

What an incredibly poor decision by the LPGA powers to cut their Volunteers of America Texas Classic to 36 holes.

After watching some TV coverage, it is clear that they would not have needed too many “volunteers" to conduct a Monday finish for a 54-hole event.

The LPGA does not have a tournament this week, so there was no rush on that account. The next event is in Williamsburg, Va., so there were no overseas travel plans that would have forced a Sunday finish. The players could have walked from Texas to Virginia and not miss their tee times.

Unless I missed something, I have not yet heard an explanation. What happened to the creativity that the LPGA staff displayed when it faced the rain and a flooded course in the Bahamas a few years ago? Even though the event was shortened, at least they played three rounds and had a cut.

Jim Kavanagh
St. Augustine, Fla.


Music, talk and golf can coexist

I find the comments on music on the golf course to be both fascinating and confusing (“From the Morning Read inbox,” May 4).

One commentator states that he gets “more distracted by conversation." To me, the social aspect of golf is what distinguishes it from most sporting activities. My golf game suggests that I would be well advised to focus more on my game, but it is the friendship that brings me back to the course every time. 

When playing tennis or hockey, it is highly unlikely that you can carry on a discussion with a competitor similar to golf. In fact, the camaraderie that golf permits suggests that my golfing companions are fellow players and not competitors. I enjoy beating my regular golf mates like anyone else, but I also love celebrating a birdie by a fellow player with a quick shot of whatever “birdie juice” I may be carrying in my bag.

Golf is much more than the shots that you hit. While I prefer conversation to music, I am a fan of whatever enhances your experience. Therefore, I have no problem with music, as long as the volume is reasonable and that the music player is respectful of others.

Michael Kukelko
Oak Bluff, Manitoba


Kindred golf souls in Chicago, Houston

I am sorry that a city the size of Houston might not have a PGA Tour event. 

What about Chicago? Isn’t it a shame that Chicago cannot host a PGA Tour event every year. We even have a suburb of Chicago named Golf.

The Chicago area does host an excellent Tour event, but there is little name recognition and few fans. Maybe the Tour should talk with the AHL's Chicago Wolves and see how that team attracts families. 

Hank Govekar
Gurnee, Ill.


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