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A dogleg in the discussion

Gary Van Sickle, you are one cagey bugger (“Trend could be music to golfers’ ears,” May 2).

You managed to get us old guys off of equipment, sponsors, venues, money and most anything else “golf" … at least for a day. Thank you.

Bruce Wyrwitzke 
Astoria, Ore.


Add The Outlaws to your group

If a member of your group wants to listen to music while playing, just give in and play some of your own. Start off with The Outlaws' "Ghost Riders In The Sky.”

The rest of your round would be played in quiet.

Charlie Jurgonis
Fairfax, Va.


More music, less conversation

Looks like the music woke up the old farts. I use ear buds, but I have noticed that the music lovers, for the most part, will inquire as to whether or not the volume is an issue.

I am more distracted by conversation.

Jim Kavanagh
St. Augustine, Fla.


Musician seeks proper tone

I am completely against hearing music from other people's speakers while on the course.

Why should I have to listen to music because someone else wants to listen to it unencumbered by headphones? That is just not fair to my experience on the course.

The problem with hearing music is that it demands attention. I am a professional musician, and I just cannot ignore music. There is no such thing as "background" music in my life.

Golfing requires a special kind of attention to the moment that is disrupted by any kind of intervening rhythmical and melodic input. And music that is grating to my sensibility only heightens the overall tension in my body.

Shouting and profanity are also unpleasant noise; however, they are momentary and go away quickly, unlike music from someone else's speaker. And if a group would be carrying on boisterous conversations for a long period of time, I would ask them to quiet down.

Golf is not just "entertainment,' but rather a profound experience of humility and oneness of mind and body that must also be respected. Enjoy your music, but with headphones, please.

John Toenjes
Champaign, Ill.


Lighten up, geezers

I learned the rules and etiquette of golf at a young age as a caddie at a private club. I have no problem with music on the golf course, provided that I can’t hear it from the adjacent fairway.

If it takes music to attract the next generation of golfers, then we geezers had better lighten up … or go find a pickleball court.

Tom O’Donnell
Loveland, Ohio


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