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Houston, we feel your pain in Chicago

We in Chicago feel the same as Daryl Lott (“From the Morning Read inbox," April 30).

For years we had a regular PGA Tour event until a few pros poo-pooed the course setup at Cog Hill, and now we are thrown a crumb every few years with the BMW Championship (“Nothing lasts forever on PGA Tour,” April 27).

Don Strzezewski
Franklin Park, Ill.


One-ball events would wreck interest

When Indy decided that all competitors would drive essentially the same cars, I pretty much lost interest.

If the PGA Tour selects one ball, my interest might go the same way. I hope that never happens. 

Bruce Wyrwitzke 
Astoria, Ore.


One-ball pro game could help boost research

It's my belief that the pros still would play a ball from the manufacturing company that pays them to play it, but perhaps they wouldn't get the same big-money deal that they do now (“For aspiring pro, there’s no turning back,” April 18).

The extra cash left in the manufacturers’ coffers could further research so that the amateur balls could go even farther and maintain the “Tour" ball to their specs.

The ridiculous cost of golf balls is pushed higher by advertising.

Garen Eggleston
Galloway, Ohio


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