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It’s not about the fans

The PGA Tour leaving Houston for Detroit is no different than the NFL's Chargers leaving San Diego for L.A., or the Rams leaving St. Louis for L.A., or any of the other sports franchise moves (“Nothing lasts forever on PGA Tour,” April 27).

Forget the fans. They can still follow us on TV. We'll follow the money.

Charlie Jurgonis
Fairfax, Va.


Tour could use some tech assistance

I love tradition and history, especially when it pertains to sports. The tradition with the PGA Tour has been to keep the course and find a new sponsor.

I guess with the downturn in the manufacturing base in the U.S., that’s easier said than done. Hey, where are those new-age business behemoths such as Google, Amazon and Apple when you need them? C’mon, Tesla. Step up.

Dan Cahill
Santa Ana, Calif.


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