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Notified: Members of the Golf Club of Houston, via email Tuesday from the club in Humble, Texas, that the club’s Tournament Course no longer will host the PGA Tour’s Houston Open, which was played four weeks ago without a title sponsor. The club, which includes the private Member Course and the public Tournament Course, intends to transition eventually to a fully private facility, according to the email, a copy of which was obtained by Morning Read. The future of the Houston Open, which dates to 1946, remains uncertain.

Announced: By the U.S. Golf Association, that it will house the R. Otto Probst Library in the USGA Golf Museum in Liberty Corner, N.J. The Probst Library, which was assembled beginning in the 1920s by the late South Bend, Ind.-based collector and includes hundreds of rare artifacts dating to the 1500s, had been managed by the PGA of America for more than 40 years. The collaborative effort adds to the USGA’s golf collection, which is open to the public.