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Don’t mirror anchoring mistake

I wholeheartedly agree with readers Mark Anderson and Jim Kavanagh (“From the Morning Read inbox,” April 24), but I would add that it is time to stop the ball where it is today and not let it get further out of hand.

It’s very hard to take away something that any person is accustomed to and comfortable with while trying his/her best to play well and be excited about it. Some of us who have been accustomed to anchoring the putter for the past 50 or 60 years feel very left out and frustrated to have to begin all over again. Many have quit the game, a terrible outcome.

Don’t make the same mistake with the golf ball. Just stop it where it is, in terms of performance, and let’s move on. The monetary and agronomical savings alone make it a simple choice.

Mike Nixon
Nashville, Tenn.

(Nixon is the director of golf operations for the Tennessee Golf Trail.)


Leave ball alone, but toughen courses

I see no need to roll back the golf ball.

Simply toughen up the present courses with longer rough, substitute grass bunkers for sand bunkers – not everywhere but in strategic places. Narrow the fairways, to put a premium on driving accuracy. Course operators also could deepen fairway bunkers so it would require laying up from out of them as opposed to making it just another approach shot.

Michael Merrill
McKinney, Texas


Give ball makers blueprint for Tour ball

I don't see why a standard golf ball means a standard manufacturer. Nor do I see how it is antithetical to sport.

Ask Tom Brady about trying to have his own ball. NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB provide the balls or pucks. Sure, choose your own shoulder pads, hockey sticks and Louisville sluggers, but there is no reason why the PGA Tour or tournament committees can't specify ball speed, compression and whatever and let the manufacturers provide conforming models to their contracted players. That's what they do now for USGA specs. And neither of these specifiers would have any effect on non-tournament players.

Martin Donnelly
Elmhurst, Ill.


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