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The long and short of the ball debate

I read your article about possibly getting a ball just for the pros and am not sure whether it is or isn’t a good idea (“For aspiring pro, there’s no turning back,” April 18).

As an older golfer, I often have to hit three woods on a par 5. Recently, I moved up to the “senior tees” and found it a little easier to reach the par 5s, and the game was more enjoyable.

I would not mind seeing the pros hit a wood into the par 5s. It has become ridiculous that they are reaching par 5s with a driver and 7-iron.

Regarding the part about Arnold Palmer pushing for the Callaway driver: While he may have been a spokesman for the USGA, he also was being paid by Callaway to push their driver that was later deemed illegal.

Stephen A. Durham
Glen Mills, Pa.


There’s a world of talent out there

I noticed the comment referencing the LPGA as the all-Asian tour (“From the Morning Read inbox,” April 17). I was surprised that it got past the editor.

I wonder whether he refers to Major League Baseball as the "all-Latin American League" or if the NBA is the "all-African-American Association" (or worse).

Does he have a slur ready for the NHL? Probably not, because they all look like him and speak English, though the Canadian accent gets annoying, eh?

Talent and hard work, not heritage, produce superior athletes. Did the writer bother to check the roll of the PGA Tour and notice the number of players who hail from Europe, South Africa, Australia, Asia, Canada? I doubt it.

Jim Kavanagh
St. Augustine, Fla.


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