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Get to know Leupold Golf: the rangefinder manufacturer that wants to make you a better player

Complacency is a word that doesn’t exist in the Leupold Golf dictionary. The Oregon-based company could have easily continued to offer the same market-leading line of rangefinders they had sold in years past and no one would have batted an eye. The GX line has arguably established itself as the best choice for buyers, why go fixing something that isn’t broken? Leupold doesn’t look at things like that, though. 

Though relatively new on the golf scene, Leupold & Stevens Inc. has been around for a very long time. Founded in 1907, this family-owned company has focused on one thing throughout the entirety of their 111-year lifespan: quality. It’s this dedication to perfection that has made Leupold into the trusted brand it is today. They won’t put something on the shelves that isn’t the best possible version of that product it can be; and even though they only entered the golf market relatively recently, they’re still the same bunch of perfectionists they’ve always been. 

Their rangefinders were nowhere near broken; but when Leupold looked at their products and saw room for improvement, they didn’t hesitate in deciding to improve upon their designs. That’s the kind of dedication to perfection that sets Leupold apart from their competitors and makes the brand’s new and improved GX3i3 a nd GX4i3 so impressive. 

These rangefinders can do things that no other product on the market can do. Not only will they give you the most accurate yardage measurements in the game, but – with a little bit of settings customization – they will also provide you with club recommendations that factor in slope, elevation relative to sea level, and even the current temperature. Removing the guesswork that comes when you’re right in between your six and your seven iron might not seem like a major improvement, but that increased consistency goes a long way toward lowering your scores. It’s an incredible feat of engineering that makes improving your game as easy as clicking a button. 

That click isn’t the only thing that’s easier with Leupold’s new offerings. Thanks to their improved Pin Hunter technology, these rangefinders make locking on to your target a breeze. Instead of using a straight line laser like other products on the market, Leupold’s laser uses a cone shape that zeroes in on the exact spot you want without requiring precise, unwavering aim. Additionally, when you lock on to a flag stick that contains a reflecting prism, your rangefinder will respond with a knowing beep. Not a vibration that throws off your aim and jeopardizes the accuracy of your yardage measurement. Once you hear that oh so satisfying beep, Leupold will guarantee the resulting distance reading’s accuracy within less than a foot. 

Pinpoint has never been such an apt descriptor. 

This obsession with their craft is what brought Leupold together with a man you’ve heard quite a lot from over the past week. Michael Breed has a simple, but important goal: he wants to make you a better golfer. In order to accomplish that, he makes sure to only align himself with brands 

that assist him in his mission. In Leupold, he saw an amazing opportunity to improve his students’ games, which made for an easy decision when the offer to become the brand’s ambassador was presented to him. It’s a partnership that both parties believe will lead to quicker rounds, better sessions on the range, and – of course – lower scores. 

You can find the GX3i3, the GX4i3, and the rest of Leupold’s rangefinders at your local pro shop or retailer, and additional information about their technology can be found at their website: Or, if you would prefer, you can tune in to Michael Breed’s show “A New Breed of Golf” on Sirius XM every weekday morning from 8am - 10am EST.