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Augusta National deserves respect

A reader suggested that Augusta National should not be quick to congratulate itself for taking steps to eradicate sexism in its various practices (“From the Morning Read inbox,” April 6). He bolstered this assertion by stating that Augusta National did not take steps to fire all male employees and/or allow its board to be taken over by female members.

These comments are absurd, and attempt to make a mockery of positive steps taken by a venerable and highly respected golf club to directly address alleged sexist practices.

Ted Comstock
Lancaster, N.H.


Augusta National’s big giveaway

Augusta National Golf Club really is a par-68 course because it’s so outdated by today's equipment.

The back-nine par 5s are a gift, with guys hitting irons into them. They should lengthen No. 13 and make the 15th a par 4.

With no rough, that course will be eaten up this year. The pin at No. 16 was another gift in the first round as the ball funneled off the bank toward the hole.

After Nos. 10, 11 and 12, the back nine is very easy.

Gregory Tatoian
Port St. Lucie, Fla.


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