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Golf’s cardinal sin

Several years ago, we played a resort-community course daily for a week. It had four courses. On the ones owned by the homeowners, the starter put a turn time on your tag. He then would announce to the group, “Gentlemen, you must turn within 15 minutes of your turn time or you will be asked to leave.” He ended his talk with the following: “It's not a sin to play poorly, but it is to play slowly.”

Garen Eggleston
Galloway, Ohio

Create more golf fans
I hate to put a damper on behavior control, but it does not work (“Beers, jeers on Tour: Time to tighten tap?” March 20). With paid spectators and paid players, they will work that out. If you try, golf will lose both, so let’s create more golfers who are fans. They understand.

Jack Gaffney
Kalispell, Mont.

Players who can think can win

Can we stop worrying about distance, please?

The number of times the best golfers in the world had to take 3-woods and irons off the tees during the recent Arnold Palmer Invitational demonstrates that intelligent course setups force them to think, and the players who can do that best, and putt amazingly well, will be in contention.

There is no need to change the ball. Most of us can't compress those expensive tournament-quality balls enough to make any difference.

Terry Wall
Winchester, England


A fan of the ‘old farts’

Please give Jim Kavanagh of St. Augustine, Fla., a virtual fist bump for me (“From the Morning Read inbox,” March 23). I'd play with his “old farts” group any time. 

Timothy Vice
Margate, Fla.


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