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What truly matters in golf

The Phil Mickelson/Arnold Palmer piece by Mike Purkey was beautifully constructed, sensitively written and intelligently reported (“Mickelson stands out as modern-day Arnie,” March 16).

Amidst fierce arguments about money, rules, greatest-of-all-time status and record books, this was a wonderful exploration of some of the truly important and timeless aspects of our sport.

Tim Brown
Queenston, Ontario


Arnie’s Army enlistee salutes new general

Arnold Palmer and Phil Mickelson went for broke (with an occasional crash and burn), and both were very athletic. Their fan support/connection always was incredibly high.

I was in Arnie’s Army since the mid-1960s, and for me, Phil Mickelson, by far, has been the new Arnie for at least a decade.

Al Fiscus
Searcy, Ark.


If bowling can bifurcate, why not golf?

Bravo, Ted Bishop, for simplifying an issue that the PGA Tour somehow has managed to cloud (“Solution for distance debate: 2 sets of rules,” March 9).   

While reading your article, I couldn’t help but think of the Professional Bowlers Association, having once been involved with it. The PBA has a completely different set of lane conditions than what is used for the average weekly league bowler. 

If league bowlers had to play on professional-tournament lane conditions and with the pros’ rules, they mostly would become frustrated and take up another indoor sport such as darts.

Good job, Ted. Keep them in check. 

Rich Tarvin
Sacramento, Calif.


Too much airtime for ‘Tiger Woods Show’

I can’t discern from NBC’s coverage of the Arnold Palmer Invitational whether commentator Dan Hicks is Tiger Woods’ brother, son, father or mentor. Woods is all that Hicks can talk about and the only subject that he knows.

It’s crazy that there were other wonderful golfers playing, many better than Woods. In Hicks’ mind, it was “The Tiger Woods Show,” and no one else counted.

Hicks may have taken his cues from NBC, but he took them way too far. Woods is a compelling story, and I am in favor of his success. But he is negatively affecting coverage when it’s all about Woods and no one else. Eventual winner Rory McIlroy, Bryson DeChambeau, Henrik Stenson and Rickie Fowler were pretty compelling stories, too.

Lou Body IV
St. Helena Island, S.C.


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