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Take a swig and live in the moment

I’ve been a golf fan for decades and watch as much golf on TV as anyone, everything from the majors to the Valspar (even without Tiger Woods). My beef is this: the overwhelming propensity for golf announcers to use the phrase “a moment ago.” Almost every time they say that, the ball goes in the hole. Why can’t they simply show the highlight, then say, “That was a moment ago. Now back live …”?

I can’t believe a producer or director has not issued this edict by now. They show us a guy whom we haven’t seen all week, then they say, “This was a moment ago” and, boom, the ball is in the cup.

The viewer does not need to know it was a moment ago. Just show the shot and move on. Stop with “a moment ago.”

If it were a drinking game, we would all be passed out before the end of the telecast.

Gregg Cook
Mechanicsburg, Pa.


A hungry Tiger is ready to pounce

You get to choose the pictures in your mind, so create a mental image of the current challenge that will provide you with a focused and fearless emotional reaction. – “The Champion's Mind,” by Jim Afremow.

To me, that is the essence of Tiger Woods, focused and fearless in his emotional reaction. That aura would strike fear into the hearts of opponents.

Thus far, Woods’ return has been congenial, but now he has had a sniff of the meat in the winner's circle, and the big cat is hungry. As we know, a cat that hasn’t eaten in a while is a very dangerous thing.

I believe that we will begin to see more of the essence of the big cat, stalking its prey, remaining in the shadows until, wham, and the cat drags yet another victim into the jungle.

Man, I can't wait.

Eric MacKinnon
Palmyra, Va.


The wonder years

Watching Tiger Woods brings me back to a great time in my life (“Golf springs forward into Tiger Time,” March 14). Things seem better when Tiger is on the prowl.

Thank you, Gary Van Sickle, for capturing a wonderful time in my life – and the exciting times ahead.

Mike Lord
Naperville, Ill.


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