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End all business-entertainment write-offs

To state that the tax law affected more than the Affordable Health Care Act is very questionable (“Some golf leaders drop ball on tax reform,” Feb. 26). People who did not want health care now had a tax for not subscribing. People who could not afford health care could now get subsidized health care. Anyone else has seen significant increases in the past few years that did not exist previously. This affected 320 million Americans in one way or another. Considering that we have a large group that does not pay taxes, there is no way that 320 million Americans were affected by tax reform.  

Years ago, when I was in the corporate world, I thought the business-expense write-offs for various sporting events, dinners, etc., should have been dramatically cut back each year, over a five-year period, until 0 percent was allowed.

For a new market/product, I can see some type of incentives for people to defray the early and high cost of products and services. But after a few years, you either live or die by the products and services that you sell.

If you look at NFL games, average prices (tickets, parking, tailgating, drinks/food, merchandise, etc.) have exploded to the point that most families face the option of shelling out $500-$1,000 per game. How have prices escalated? Sure, some are exorbitant salaries, but these are aided by big business and their 50-percent deduction. So, their cost is $250-$500 while the other half is funded by the taxpayers.  

I wish that the new tax-reform legislation would have stripped all of these deductions for entertainment.  

Bill Martin
Quitman, Texas


‘Driver’ seeks solution for ‘Analyzers’

Great analysis, and spot on (“Personality dictates pace of play in golf,” Feb. 23). I’ve played with each type, and being a self-proclaimed Driver, I find it difficult to play with an Analyzer, let alone two or three.

Is there a solution in there somewhere in your studies to speeding up the pace of golf? Spur the Analyzers to become more like the Drivers with a shot clock? Pair Analyzers with Drivers in order to guilt the Analyzer toward faster play? Other?

Steve Nadle
La Grange, Ill.


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