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DropStick comes up short

While the DropStick is an interesting idea, I don't think it will be flying off the shelves like the Costco Kirkland Signature golf balls (“Teen inventor helps golfers measure up,” Feb. 21).

For one thing, not everyone carries alignment sticks. I don't own any. I simply use another club as an alignment aid when I practice.

As for the new rule requiring drops to be within 20 inches, how did the USGA propose that golfers know how to be compliant with that? I would take my putter and put a piece of tape around the shaft 20 inches up from the clubhead. Problem solved.   

James A. Smith
Virginia Beach, Va.


Oblivious to the obvious

In the 50-plus years I have played golf, I have noticed that the slow players don't think they are slow.

This is a true story about someone who doesn’t think he is slow. We have a rule at our club that if you want to start playing from No. 10, you have to go into the pro shop and ask the pro or director of golf whether it’s OK. Their answer: If no one is playing No. 9, then you can tee off at No. 10. If there is someone playing No. 9, then you have to let that golfer play first.

I was in the pro shop one afternoon when one of our slowest players came in and asked for permission to tee off from No. 10. The pro looked at him and said, “Make sure no one is playing No. 1.”

And the sad part of the story is, the slow player didn’t get it.

Layne Yawn
Jonesboro, Ark.


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