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Watson’s victory will boost fan interest

Thank you, golf gods, for bringing Bubba Watson back to relevance (“Keeping score,” Feb. 19).

His game always is entertaining, and it was fun to see the lighter side of Watson, for a change. He showed emotion (oft-displayed post-win tears not withstanding). Watson smiled and even laughed a few times on Sunday.

Finally, a victory. That can only elevate fan interest, especially with the Masters, where he has won twice, coming up. 

Barry M. Lipson


Watson makes fast work of Riviera

I am very pleased to see Bubba Watson win again at Riviera. He's a player, not a robo golfer, and his pace of play is exactly what a pro should represent, not the fiddle-footing of others. He is ready to pull the trigger and move on. He had moments when he was indecisive but overall seemed ready as soon as the others had played their shots.

I heard Justin Thomas talk about the fans causing distractions. I really dislike the obnoxious fans. Thomas added that they are playing for a lot of money, which was over the top. When they are playing for their own money, then let them add that comment.

The kid already has got all the cash that he could ever spend. It's supposed to be about victories. Ask Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus or Phil Mickelson. 

Garen Eggleston
Galloway, Ohio 


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