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A game to be shared and savored

Golf is at a good place right now. The people who are so adamant about saying that we need to “grow the game” are the golf establishment, which will benefit and profit from adding new players.

When the economy is good, so is golf. It’s that simple. It’s an expensive game. To grow golf, make it cheaper. Get kids involved. Golf courses have to accept junior play and learn how to make it coexist with regular play. They are the future of golf.

I have been blessed to have two of my seven children play collegiate golf, one boy and one girl, so I have witnessed slow play and can relate to those who like faster play. Most junior tours try to express faster and continuous play, some better than others, but some do it at the expense of honor and respect for the other players. I don’t see it as being very respectful when you run to the next tee box and tee off before the other players are off the green, just for the sake of overall maybe 5-10 minutes. (And who knows if they are teeing off legally.) If 10 minutes is going to make that much of a difference, you need to plan better or take up another sport.

Have respect for the other players on the course. Let the fast players play through, and let the not-so-fast players and those who are just learning the game enjoy their rounds. If we want to enjoy the game, we have to share it with everyone and respect their time on the golf course.

Golf is not just about “I.” It’s a game that we should want everyone to enjoy. Then, we would “grow the game.”

Victor Huskey
Greenville, S.C.


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