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Topgolf shows golf industry how to win

As a consultant in the customer-experience and brand-image markets across many industries, I always have been amazed that the golf industry has focused on service recovery as a strategy versus driving a compelling customer experience by understanding how to retain customers (“Toptracer helps driving ranges see future,” Jan. 25,

In any industry, it is always critical to do both. The reason that a company such as Topgolf is successful in today’s market is that it fully understands the customer experience and the marketing methods needed to drive customer retention.

Bill Barnes
Bonita Springs, Fla.


Retention and outreach must coexist

I cannot let the subject of retention versus outreach in terms of maintaining and growing participation in golf pass without a few observations I have made in the 60-odd years of my association with the game (“Golf’s growth key: Retention over outreach,” Jan. 22,

It is not a matter of one or the other, because they go hand in hand. The fastest way to grow the game is to involve current golfers in an experience they enjoy to the point that they bring non-golfers to the game. Whether it is daughters and sons, spouses or friends, it is the golfers themselves who most effectively grow the game, and always have.

The role of the owner/operator and golf professional is to provide such a wonderful experience so that participation has great value in the lives of those who play. It is the lure of the game that gets players to become golfers, but it is the hospitality that people receive that keeps them coming back.

Golf is the greatest game of all, and those privileged enough to make a living from it need to share the love of the game with everyone, both the initiated and uninitiated. Golf is for everyone.

Ed Smilow
La Quinta, Calif.


Too much Tiger

And so begins another round of episodes “Everything About Tiger.” 

How many players in the top 10 at the Farmers Insurance Open received barely a mention while Tiger Woods was shown from start to finish, walking down the fairways, contemplating shots and maybe even an occasional nose rub? Ridiculous.

Why is TV golf dropping in ratings? Most intelligent viewers, players and basic fans already are tired of Tiger, Tiger, Tiger.

By the way, what is your first subject in Friday’s Morning Read? (“Par debut gives Woods reason to smile,” Jan. 26,


Charles C. Miller II
Denton, Texas


A pre-round routine for Rahm to consider

I have been watching the Tiger Woods Network during the Farmers Insurance Open and got to see Jon Rahm hit a few too many shots. 

Rahm has immense talent and will win a lot over the years. However, his display of histrionics whenever a shot doesn't go his way is getting old.

Perhaps as a part of his warmup on the driving range, he should sling a couple of clubs and get it out of his system.

Jim Kavanagh
St. Augustine, Fla. 


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