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Sure, go ahead and pamper us

Your piece on retaining existing customers is bang on (“Golf’s growth key: Retention over outreach,” Jan. 22,

Simple things, such as water and towels, seem pretty logical, come with little cost and should be a no-brainer. Sadly, that is seldom the case.

So, too, is the inclusion of a yardage book or sheet that includes a diagram of the hole. Not every player is a regular who knows the twists and turns of every hole. Your points on a full beverage cart should be understood by every course that has such an animal. While we are stocking the cart appropriately, how about we look at the sometimes obscene pricing of such items. Four beers and a tip should not be heading over $40, as it is in so many places.

If I am playing a course in the price range you alluded to (a far too common thing in the Toronto area), I expect it to be a special experience and not one that leaves me feeling that I have been taken advantage of.

I suspect that if we all felt a little pampered, we would be less concerned about slow play and instead really enjoy a day outdoors with friends.

Baird Heide  
Bradford, Ontario


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