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Fashion Forward for 2018

As the new year begins it makes great sense to pause and consider some style resolutions for 2018.

The Correct Size Is Always Stylish

Wearing the wrong size is a guaranteed style disaster. A beautiful designer shirt and pair of trousers will not work if they’re the wrong size. Many golfers believe that wearing a larger shirt size larger will make them look thinner. Well, no surprise here, diets make you look thinner not larger sizes! At the end of the day how you wear something is key. If you have any doubts about this theory, look at Adam Scott. He always looks terrific wearing clothes that fit him perfectly. His shirts don’t hang off his shoulders and drown him, his pants don’t pool on his shoes and look like an accordion and his belt isn’t the sole reason his pants stay up.

Be Careful of Trends

Style evolution is better than style revolution. High tops might work for Rickie Fowler or Bubba Watson but probably not you.  Frankly, most golfers on the tour wear their trousers with too much break resulting in a clump of fabric on top of their shoes. You will see this in close-up putting shots on TV.

Clean and Polished Never Goes Out of Style

Take a little effort with soap and water and keep those golf shoes clean. Make sure the shirt you’re wearing is wrinkle-free. Sweat rings on a golf hat don’t add contrast. My dad believed you could tell everything you need to know about people by looking at their shoes. In other words, paying attention to details is worth it.

Wear a White Belt with White Pants

Coordinate the color of your belt with your trousers. I don’t understand where this “match your belt to your shoes” rule started. Too much contrast merely calls attention to your mid-section and if you have a big waist this is not a good look. A light brown belt looks better with beige khakis than a dark brown belt.

Hats Save Lives

While professional golfers wear hats to promote sponsors, you don’t have to have a sponsor to cover your head to protect it from the sun. And while you’re at it, use sunscreen. The sunburned look isn’t flattering on anyone and the warnings about skin cancer are not fake news.

Finally, if you are tall and thin, wear whatever Dustin Johnson is wearing!