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Plenty of blame for distance gains

There are many theories being offered regarding the distance that PGA Tour players achieve during tournaments. It’s the ball. It’s the course conditions. It’s the workout routines of the players. 

The fans have a hand in it, as well. They want to see birdies, eagles and 300-yard drives.

These are the same people who watch NASCAR to see the cars crash, go to hockey games to see fights and baseball games to see home runs.

The distance tipping point has been reached, but there are options:

Lengthen courses. Such a move would just give the bombers an even larger advantage. Plus, many clubs are financially unable to expand their courses or there is not available real estate.

Tighten existing courses by encroaching the rough into the fairways. Players would refuse to play tight courses. (See Harbour Town.)

Restrict the ball flight. This could be the most logical move, but the ball manufacturers might not like it. Companies market their equipment to the public with the idea that they can play the same ball that the pros use. That's nonsense. Unless we get one from the player’s bag, we don’t play the same balls as the pros. 

Ken Young
Indian Trail, N.C.


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