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Compare Woods’ encore to Jordan’s

For those who think Tiger Woods’ return will end in disaster, compare his comeback to another “greatest of all-time”: Michael Jordan (“From the Morning Read inbox, Jan. 8,; Jan. 9,

Jordan retired at age 35, sat out three years and returned to play two more years. During those two years, he averaged more than 21 points per game, including averaging 20 after he turned 40. At age 38, he had a 51-point game. He wasn't the same player he was in his prime, but he still was very good. 

So, like Jordan, I expect to see a Tiger Woods who can compete with the younger stars and who will have moments of brilliance.

There's an intangible that makes them the GOATs. Don't count Woods out.

Charlie Jurgonis
Fairfax, Va.


Enliven the ‘dead time’ in golf

To get around in less time, you don’t need to play faster, only more efficiently.

For example, when it’s your turn to tee off next, be standing beside the tee box with your club, ball and tee in hand instead of way over near your cart. From the fairway, start your pre-shot routine when the player about to hit is addressing the ball. After you hit from the fairway, start walking right away. Clean your club and put it away when you get to your ball. On the green, read your first putt when you mark your ball, so you can replace it and putt right away when it’s your turn.

Doing things in dead time, and overlapping actions, can save maybe five or 10 seconds per player per time, which adds up to a lot of time saved over 18 holes. 

Bob Jones
Salem, Ore.


A ‘boring’ 3-club game

Golf on TV is becoming boring: driver, wedge, putter.

Are clubmakers and ballmakers changing the game for equipment sales? I think so. If it gets any more boring, no one will see the new equipment, and sales will plummet.

Bring back shotmaking skills to the game. The new stuff even makes my deserved handicap of 22 or so play like 18. I'm thrilled but not being watched on TV, only by my buddy septuagenarians.

Kenneth Pittner
Glenview, Ill.


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