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Swimming against the tide

I love all the talk and articles about slow play and how to speed up the game while Greg Norman introduces the “Shark Experience” ( He wants carts that include music, videos, news, phone chargers, Internet connections, golf lessons, etc.

As long as we have room for lots of beer cans, it will be successful, and the rounds easily will take five hours.

One school of thought is detailed enough to tell you where to leave your clubs or cart to speed up play, and the other is encouraging one to say, “Wait a minute. I want to watch this touchdown.”

Jim Wells
Tucson, Ariz. 


Golf need not be a handicap

I mostly agree with the “curmudgeon,” but I would go one step further (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Jan. 2,

If you do not participate in club events or other competitions in which handicaps are used to make the competition even, then you do not need a handicap. And if you do not need a handicap, there is no reason to follow any of the Rules of Golf. Do whatever you want and have fun doing it.

Jim Kavanagh
St. Augustine, Fla.


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