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Golf legends warrant the attention

Every generation of golf has its hero who transcends the game to the point that non-golfers can relate. They serve to popularize and energize the game. Whether it be Francis Ouimet, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan or Arnold Palmer, they brought people to the game because they appealed to the masses in a way that made golf important to them.

Tiger Woods was and is an iconic figure with whom millions of people identify, not just because of his extraordinary talent that eclipsed all those against whom he played, but because of who he was and is (“A Bear, a Tiger and a pack on the prowl,” Dec. 18, When a new iconic figure arises, the media will have someone to whom the rest of the world can relate. No current player comes close to being such a figure, so you can't blame the media for reverting to the past.

To the last playing days of Hogan and Palmer, the fans wanted to know how their hero was doing, regardless of where the other players stood. The public was frustrated when they didn't get it in the media. Regardless of what those icons were shooting, the public wanted to know what they were doing and watch them do it. The leaders of the tournaments garnered little attention. 

I do not fault the media for the interest in Woods, nor do I fault the public who want to continue to follow him. He was and is an extraordinary person – yes, with many faults. Think of the headlines if he actually could win again.

Ed Smilow
La Quinta, Calif.


Lighten up on reluctant icon

A lot of readers are criticizing Tiger Woods and anyone who enjoys watching him play golf (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Dec. 19, My answer to these supposed golf fans is to grow up.

Woods never asked to be made out a hero, an icon or anything else that has been heaped upon him. He simply was the best golfer of his generation.

He is human, and he makes human mistakes. Let Woods play golf, leave him alone, and let his game do the talking.

Ron Bradle
Bluffton, S.C.


It could be worse, golf fans

We're lucky to be golf fans and the worst thing we have to do is listen to Tiger Woods hype. Think about the poor basketball fans who have to listen to LaVar Ball.

Charlie Jurgonis
Fairfax, Va.


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