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There’s more to golf than Tiger Woods

Kudos to Alex Miceli for a long-overdue post concerning the mainstream golf media and their unrelenting adulation of Tiger Woods (“A Bear, a Tiger and a pack on the prowl,” Dec. 18, As Miceli noted in kind words, we have long been beleaguered by wall-to-wall coverage of a troubled hero, if Woods be a true hero. 

How many times have we seen post-round interviews of tournament leaders during which the first question asked of them was what they might have thought about Tiger Woods’ status, whatever that might have been at that given moment? Are they really serious?

Sadly, as Miceli implies, the majority of the golf media are more interested in perpetually making the story about Tiger Woods, instead of everything else that is happening before their very eyes, such as the new wave of young stars who have revitalized the professional game.

And, the capstone of that mania is now for them to criticize Jack Nicklaus, for what were, at worst, innocent comments that reflected nothing more than his current TV preferences.

It is beyond time to move on from the Tiger Woods fanaticism. I hope that the golf media are listening.

Ted Comstock
Lancaster, N.H.


Look beyond Woods, golf fans

Alex Miceli seems to have perfectly explained the feelings of the viewing public that have problems with Tiger Woods.

Woods lovers accuse those of us who think and feel as Miceli articulated as “Tiger haters.” I was not a Tiger hater until an out-of-control media made Woods a holier-than-thou icon. Not being into iconoclasm myself, I had a problem with that. 

Let golf be golf. I play and watch golf because there is always room for improvement. It’s a game played with physical, mental and emotional talent. 

TW lovers, did you notice how well the other golfers played in Woods’ absence? Do you care? If you don’t, that’s too bad. 

Steve Hoffman
Hickory Hills, Ill.


No Tiger, no problem

Many of us couldn’t care less whether Tiger Woods plays or not. As in all sports, we have our favorites. I’m disgusted with the TV coverage.

Al Pollack
Maplewood, N.J.


An enjoyable game without Woods

Thanks so much, Alex Miceli, for your commentary about Tiger Woods. I think your assessment of the TV coverage of his career is correct. He was a tremendous player but was “over-covered” for many years, I think to the detriment of golf itself.

Just as you explained, I grew tired of seeing only Woods and have loved watching golf in his absence. It’s been fun to root for one of the many other excellent players in the game.

Garry Tollefson
Regina, Saskatchewan


Degrees of risk matter

Out-of-bounds should have a two-stroke penalty (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Dec. 18, I’d rather have players risking water-hazard shots than shots into people’s backyards or houses. And I like them making considerations about which shots are more worth taking risks. Don’t make those choices identical.

Howard Brazee
Lafayette, Colo.


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