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The Only Hands-Free, Fully Automatic Performance Tracking System

Arccos 360 is golf’s first and only hands-free, fully-automatic performance tracking system. Winner of the 2017 Golf Digest Editor’s Choice Award for “Best Game Analyzer,” Arccos 360 features 14 ultra-light sensors – one for every club in your bag – and provides users with real-time data for every aspect of their game. 

The Arccos 360 system combines a variety of features to help players make smarter on-course decisions and play with more confidence. 

  • The GPS rangefinder provides exact distances to any point on the course, helping players trust their yardages. Finding out how far you need to fly a fairway bunker or carry a water hazard has never been easier.
  • Smart Distance helps players know exactly how far they hit every club in their bag, removing any cognitive bias or over-estimation of their lengths. Our algorithm removes topped dribblers and balls that bound down the cartpath to provide a true average for each club in the bag. 
  • Tour Analytics uses an enhanced version of Strokes Gained method that breaks a player’s handicap down into five areas; Driving, Approach, Chipping, Sand and Putting. Arming them with this PGA Tour-level data, players can understand the strengths and weaknesses of their game and focus their practice on specific areas in order to improve more quickly. With the enhanced Dashboard, users can see breakdowns by course, trends for every facet of their game and personalized data visualizations.




The Arccos 360 system has already demonstrated that golfers can harness the power of data to start shooting lower scores. Last year, Arccos users lowered their handicap by an average of 2.77 strokes, which is 36.4x faster than the average golfer with a GHIN handicap. Beyond that, Arccos players were able to dial-in their distances and hit their approach shots 14.91 feet closer to the hole on average after just 10 rounds. 

Now, with the launch of golf’s first artificial intelligence platform, Arccos Caddie, Arccos users have an even greater ability to leverage their data to play smarter golf. Using the power of the Microsoft Azure Cloud, Arccos Caddie provides optimal strategies for any hole in the world by leveraging a player’s personal shot data along with data from more than 75 million shots hit by the Arccos community and 368 million geotagged GPS data points. The new “Plays Like” feature factors in the impact wind speed, wind direction and elevation conditions will have on the shot and provides a true distance at any point on the course. Users can also access a new Tournament Mode, which features “Plays Like” distances, but without elevation being displayed or factored into the “Plays Like” calculation.

“Every shot in golf involves a decision-making process, and the caddie’s role has historically been to help you make more intelligent choices. Yet today, only a tiny percentage of players have access to a caddie,” said Sal Syed, CEO and Co-Founder of Arccos. “Everyone else is missing out on a crucial source of information that can help inform every shot. With Arccos Caddie, we’re democratizing the caddie experience through the power of A.I. and the Microsoft Azure cloud.”

This premium feature takes an old-school idea of the caddie and brings it into the modern age. This caddie knows every shot you’ve hit, every shot any other user has hit, the weather conditions and course elevation points and delivers what club you should hit on any hole in the world. This allows our users to simply focus on executing the shot.

Arccos 360 is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so connecting your golf game is no-risk to try. And with our award-winning Customer Experience team ready to assist if you ever have any questions about our system or your data, there’s no reason not to take advantage of the power of the Arccos system to help you play better, smarter golf and have more fun. Go Beyond Guesswork with Arccos 360.

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