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How a Launch Monitor Can Help Your Game

Have you ever made a golf shot and thought to yourself, “I think that was better than the last shot.” Or, “It felt like that was going to go a lot farther. What happened?”

If you’re practicing your golf swing without an instructor, you are only able to judge each shot based on how it feels, how far the ball goes, and where it lands. Now, these are all important elements in self-evaluation, but they don’t help you zero in on the moment of impact. How is your clubhead speed? Are you smashing the golf ball? (Click here to learn more about Smash Factor Are you achieving the ball speed you want?

These are all things your eyes cannot tell you… but a launch monitor can.


A launch monitor clocks a lot of vital information about each swing you take. It can tell you exactly what happens at the moment of impact, and those statistics are invaluable because the moment of impact determines distance and ball flight. To put it another way, the moment of impact determines the success of your shot.

By recording your clubhead speed, a launch monitor can let you know how much energy you’re bringing to the ball in that forward swing.

The smash factor tells you if you’re making clean contact for the best possible energy transfer from clubhead to ball.

By specifying ball speed, a launch monitor can tell you exactly how successful you were in making that energy transfer.

This information helps you determine where there might be a recurring weakness in your swing. Pinpointing these weaknesses helps you tailor your practice time to meet the needs of your golf game.

A launch monitor also makes it easier to track improvements. Sometimes progress happens slowly. It can be difficult to judge whether a solid golf shot happens because you got lucky or because you are genuinely improving your technique. Having your own stats on hand from a launch monitor means you are better able to judge yourself and your efforts.

What’s more, the information you gain from a launch monitor comes in handy for club fittings.

In short, a launch monitor can do a lot to amplify your skills and turn long-standing weaknesses into new-found strengths.

Now, let’s talk about what you can expect from the Swing Caddie 2 in particular.

Features of the Swing Caddie 2

The first thing I noticed when I tested the Swing Caddie 2 was its manageable size and weight. The device is roughly the size of a smart phone. It’s easy to slip into a pocket when you’re heading out to the driving range or golf course and easy to pack when you’re hoping to get a little golfing in on your next business trip.

The Swing Caddie 2 comes with simple, clear instructions for use. It also includes a remote control. The remote enables you to switch settings without having to bend down to access the unit.

Additionally, the launch monitor comes with Voice Distance Output. This means the Swing Caddie 2 reads your distance out loud after each swing. The voice feature is non-disruptive on the golf course. However, if you’re not quite ready to have your swing stats read aloud in a public setting, don’t worry. The Voice Distance Output can be turned off.


Like all launch monitors, the Swing Caddie 2 tell you the carry distance, swing speed, ball speed, and smash factor on each swing. It also stores your stats for the last 100 shots and stores your average distance, speed, and smash factor for the day. This storage feature will help you recognize patterns and track improvement.

Finally, this particular launch monitor does more than help you evaluate your abilities; it also includes settings that test your ability to reach specific goals. You see, the Swing Caddie 2 features three different mode settings.

The Practice Mode gives you the stats for every swing you make.

Target Mode enables you to set a target distance, then gives you the impact data and scores you on how close you were to reaching your target.

In Approach Mode, the Swing Caddie 2 sets random target distances for you so you can practice your accuracy and adaptability.

This all sounds great, right? But here’s the big question: Are all these readings even accurate?

Well, the “brochure” answer would be this: The Swing Caddie 2 uses Barometric Pressure Calibration and Doppler Radar Technology to ensure the most accurate reading possible. Check Out all the Features.

Bottom Line: Is the Swing Caddie 2 Worth It?

Short answer:  Yes.

As a PGA golf instructor @toddkolbgolf, I find my own industry standard launch monitor to be invaluable in helping golfers improve their game. Knowing the exact speeds and smash factor helps me rely on more than just my eyes as I help students pinpoint weaknesses and sharpen their skills. If you’re serious about lowering your golf scores, a launch monitor is a great investment.

The Swing Caddie 2 has all the features you could want in a portable launch monitor. The remote control and Voice Distance Output make the unit extremely easy to use. The device includes three different modes so you can customize your practice time. And the near perfect accuracy of the Swing Caddie 2 makes it well worth the $349.99 price tag (Get $60 off this price now!).

If you’re serious about improving your golf game, I would absolutely recommend investing in the Swing Caddie 2.