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AirForce Airguns Announces Veteran/Military/LE Pricing

Fort Worth, TX  —  AirForce Airguns is offering special pricing for veterans, active duty military, law enforcement and first responders. The pricing is effective immediately and is on the entire AirForce line. 

AirForce has been extending a discount to these American heroes on request and has decided to produce a price list so customrs can see all of the prices as they choose their AirForce Airgun. Customers will be asked to submit proof of their service before receiving the price list. They can contact Customer Service at 877-247-4867 for information on how to get the price list and how to order. 

“I had the honor of serving in both military and law enforcement before starting AirForce,” commented AirForce CEO and Founder John McCaslin. “I wanted to make sure we recognized all of those who put on a uniform every day in service to public safety and national security.”

As the unequalled leader in pre-charged pneumatic airgun technology, AirForce hopes to lead by example when it comes to honoring our daily heroes.

“As an industry, we owe a debt of gratitude to those who serve in uniform to protect our rights and keep us safe,” added McCaslin.

AirForce Airguns has been innovating, designing and producing precision pre-charged air guns at their Fort Worth, Texas headquarters for over 15 years. In 2016, AirForce opened a new state of the art factory in Texas to keep up with the growing demand and integrate the newest manufacturing techniques. 

AirForce is known for developing the most technologically advanced airgun shooting systems in the world and is the original and favorite black airgun. With a reputation for flexibility and legendary accuracy, AirForce Airguns offers a solution for just about any airgun shooting situation. 

Serious airgunning starts at AirForce Airguns.

For more information on AirForce Airguns, visit the website or write to AirForce Airguns, P.O. Box 2478, Fort Worth, Texas 76113

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