Magnifying Excellence

Versatile Susan Anton, on the concept of being, not doing

Magnifying Excellence - article

Host Brian Hurlburt interviews Susan Anton, the versatile singer, dancer, actress and entrepreneur, who discusses how we "should be human 'be'-ings, not 'do'-ings" to be successful. She shares personal anecdotes about entertainers such as Kenny Rogers, George Burns, Barbra Streisand and Sammy Davis Jr.

What did she learn from them? How does she empower women in business? How did she perform more than 5,000 shows with the Rockettes? Find out during this episode and how Anton believes we should be "intentional about having a mindful attitude, because I absolutely believe that our thoughts create our actions, which create the results of our lives," she said. "And so it starts with our thinking: How are you thinking? Are you thinking positively about people? Are you believing in the best for yourself? Are you living your truth, or are you trying to live somebody else's truth?"

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