Magnifying Excellence

How Roger Staubach (and Captain Kirk!) inspired an ex-NFL great

Magnifying Excellence - article

In the latest episode of our new series on the Morning Read Podcast Network, Napoleon McCallum, a Naval Academy graduate, College Football Hall of Famer and former Los Angeles Raiders running back discusses how to be successful while also detailing how he balanced Navy and NFL careers. Plus, how he overcame a gruesome, career-ending knee injury that ended up opening a key door in his life. And finally, how he was a key figure behind the Raiders' recent move to Las Vegas.

As with the other episodes, this isn't a glorification of excellence, but a deep examination of it. McCallum tells us how he was inspired by Dallas Cowboys Hall of Famer (and fellow Naval Academy graduate) Roger Staubach, and also by Star Trek's Captain Kirk (seriously).

Hit the play button above to listen, and look for more new episodes of "Magnifying Excellence," coming soon to the Morning Read Podcast Network.

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