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Number of U.S. rounds played continues to rise

Golf Datatech records an 11.6-percent increase in January compared with same month a year earlier, extending 2020 surge

11.6: Percentage increase in golf rounds played in the U.S. in January, compared with the same month one year earlier, Golf Datatech announced Thursday in its monthly National Golf Rounds Played Report. Private clubs drove much of the increase, with a 16.7-percent surge in play last month compared with January 2020. The increase at public-access courses totaled 9.2 percent. Lower precipitation in the central and southern sections of the nation helped boost the numbers, Golf Datatech reported, despite moderately colder temperatures compared with January 2020 across much of the U.S. The monthly increase follows a 13.9-percent spike in play in 2020, a year during which the COVID-19 pandemic supercharged Americans’ desire to enjoy the outdoors, with golf as a beneficiary.

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