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V1 Sports powers Powell’s online venture

September 24, 2019

Golf Teaching Pro/Bachelorette Contestant Launches Video Lesson Platform with V1 Sports

Leading Golf Video Lesson Platform Enables Young Celebrity to Reach Fans and Golf Enthusiasts

Birmingham, AL - Garrett Powell, a popular contestant on Season 15 of ABC TV’s The Bachelorette and an assistant golf professional at one of Alabama’s most prestigious private golf clubs, is launching an online golf instruction platform powered by V1 Sports, the leaders in golf video swing analysis systems for teaching pros and golfers. Fans of Powell from the show and those simply interested in taking golf lessons, can exchange videos with him using the V1 Golf mobile app and receive a custom lesson (powered by V1 Pro) with voiced-over tips and telestration designed to improve their swings.

Garrett Powell

Garrett Powell

For seven weeks, Bachelorette viewers got to know Powell as “Garrett P.” as he and 29 other single young men vied for a chance to date fellow Alabama native Hannah Brown. Powell’s polite southern decorum and empathetic nature appealed to fans as he went through a host of global adventures and challenges on the show. It’s those qualities that Powell considers among his strengths as a golf teaching professional.

“I’m grateful to have gone through the process of being on the show because it taught me a lot about myself and brought me out of so many comfort zones,” Powell says, who endured roller derby action, naked bungee jumping and having his chest shaved in his time on the show. “Eventually, I got comfortable being uncomfortable and I think that has helped my approach to playing competitive golf and given me the confidence to launch Greater Performance Golf (his teaching business). Helping people experience the same joys golf has brought into my life has become my main purpose.”

Fan engagement, including media interviews and celebrity bartending appearances, is now a semi-regular part of Powell’s schedule, but working at Birmingham’s Shoal Creek Country Club and helping people improve their golf games is what the 27-year-old former college athlete finds most fulfilling.

“I think, in my flat-bill (cap) and Jordans, I’m relatable to a lot of people starting out in golf because I had a humble start in the game. I wasn’t a country club kid and I struggled with my golf swing before I became a better player,” Powell says. “The game can be intimidating for beginners, so my experiences definitely inform my approach to teaching. I love teaching our members and this platform with V1 Sports gives me the chance to reach people from all over the world, some who’ve probably never even played and full 18-hole round of golf.”

Online lessons with Powell are available by signing up at and downloading the V1 Golf App. In the Instructors menu on the V1 Golf App, users can select Garrett Powell and Greater Performance Golf. Easy instructions on uploading swings for Powell’s review and teaching insights follow and the lessons are typically delivered within 72 hours or less after swing videos are submitted.

Each Online Golf Lesson Includes:

  • Analysis of your swings using the V1 Pro analyzer tools
  • Access to send up to five 'down-the-line' and five 'face-on' swings for review
  • Voice-over analysis from Garrett Powell
  • Identification of your most significant swing faults
  • Visual comparison to Tour Player swings
  • Corrective exercises and drills specific to your development

“The V1 Pro teaching platform gives an instructor such detail to golfers improve things like their set-up, path and face angle. With V1, I can see anything and everything I need to help people develop better swing habits,” Powell says. “I love teaching the golf swing and helping experience the progression of getting better.”
Powell realizes his notoriety from The Bachelorette gives him a unique marketing angle as a golf teaching pro. “I’m still getting used to being recognized in public by people who are such devoted fans of the show. Thankfully, though, it’s given me a way to help grow golf’s popularity. The PGA of America’s motto is to ‘grow the game.’ I think I have a tremendous platform to welcome people into the game who might not have gravitated to golf in ‘traditional’ ways,” says Powell, who endures frequent ribbing from Shoal Creek members and fellow pros about his sudden fame, calling him “Hollywood” or “Mr. Blue Check,” in reference to his verified-public-figure status on social media.

After a brief college football career at the University of South Alabama in 2010, Powell joined the golf team at Wallace State University and played under the legendary junior college coach Dan York. His passion for the game stoked, Powell then enrolled in the Professional Golf Management program at Mississippi State University and began to blossom as a player while learning the business of golf.

Internships developed into jobs at renowned golf clubs like Shoal Creek and Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, North Carolina. Mentors Scott Davenport and Joe Cochran worked with Powell on his game and professional development, inspiring him to become an instructor himself.

That was all long before Powell’s life changed instantly by having his sister-in-law sign him up for the ratings-juggernaut dating show that would make him known as “Garrett P. from Alabama” to millions of devoted viewers.

“Looking back at my experiences on The Bachelorette, I’m shocked at all the firsts I went through. Naked bungee-jumping with Hannah involved two of the biggest fears I’d naively revealed to producers—heights and public exposure,” Powell says. “Up to that point, I’d never taking any real risks in life. At least, nothing beyond going for a par-5 in two. Now, I’m excited about this next adventure. In golf.”

To learn more about lessons with Greater Performance Golf’s Garrett Powell downloading the V1 Golf App, visit


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