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Ping introduces Sigma 2 Valor 400 putter


PING introduces counter-balanced, high-MOI Sigma 2 Valor 400

PHOENIX (May 1, 2019): Elevating stability and forgiveness to a new level, PING today introduced its highest-MOI Sigma 2 putter model to date, the Valor 400. The counter-balanced mallet is engineered with a 400-gram head and custom built with a 15" grip and a 38" shaft with 50 grams added to the butt end to promote a stable, pendulum-style stroke. The mallet shares the same alignment geometries, heel-toe ballast profile and stealth finish as the 365-gram Sigma 2 Valor, which was introduced in November of 2018.


The new putter is available for custom fitting and purchase at authorized PING golf shops around the world beginning today.

“With the success of the Sigma 2 Valor among golfers and on tour with two wins this spring, the addition of a counter-balanced option allows us to address an important segment of golfers who prefer this type of technology while delivering an exciting new custom-built option,” said John K. Solheim, PING President. “MOI is about 12% higher than the original Valor, a significant increase. And counter-balancing encourages that smooth, pendulum motion and helps take the wrists out of the stroke.”


The new model has the same dual-durometer PEBAX face material found across the Sigma 2 series, offering a softer front layer to ensure the precision necessary for shorter, delicate must-makes. The firmer back layer offers the solid feedback and distance control required for holing longer-range putts and improving overall consistency. “The Sigma 2 Valor 400 retains that soft yet lively feel from the highly innovative face technology of the Sigma 2 family,” Solheim said. “It provides a pure, consistent roll and has resonated with golfers of all abilities.”

PING’s patented TR face pattern is also at work to enhance touch and pace. The TR face varies in depth to speed up off-center impacts for consistent ball speeds.

On shorter putts in particular, the added stability of the heel-toe ballast and 400-gram design offer a big performance advantage, and can be especially effective with golfers who have a slower stroke tempo. This putter can be custom built as either a face-balanced or mid-hang design.

Sigma 2 Valor 400 Specifications

Dual-durometer PEBAX face insert

TR Face Technology

Head Weight: 400g

Std. Length: 38"

Stroke Types: Straight or Slight Arc

Shaft: Non-adjustable stepped mid steel with 50g counter-balance weight

Lie Angle: 20° ±2°

Loft: 3° ±2°

Grip: 15" CB60 Black/Blue

U.S. MSRP: $235

For more information, contact Pete Samuels (602) 687-5487.

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