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Disabled-golf event to be held in May

United States Adaptive Golf Alliance (USAGA) announces opening of 2019 Para-Golf Championship Season

(BURR RIDGE, IL – April 25, 2019) - The United States Adaptive Golf Alliance (USAGA) is pleased to announce that officials from the International Golf Federation (IGF) and the United States Golf Association (USGA) will gather with officials from the United States Adaptive Golf Alliance on May 14 and 15 at the United States Disabled Golf Association Championship, the first disabled tournament that qualifies for world ranking points under R&A/USGA recently published world rankings for golfers with disabilities (WR4GD). The United States Disabled Golf Association (USDGA) is hosting this championship, which will take place outside Richmond, Virginia, at Independence Golf Club. This championship signifies the opening of the “Para-Golf Championship” season in the USA. Many aspects of the “internationality” of para-golf are expected to be discussed at this important championship.


The United States Disabled Golf Association, led by Jason Faircloth, is one of the 36 not-for-profit organizations that provide opportunities for golfers with disabilities under the umbrella of the U.S. Adaptive Golf Alliance (USAGA). The mission of the USAGA is to provide people with physical, sensory, and intellectual disabilities, including wounded veterans, an opportunity to showcase his or her ability in a golf championship at the highest level.

Nineteen USAGA Accredited Tournaments will be held around the country in 2019 that will generate the nation’s first player ranking system and offer potential exemption opportunities to the season-ending USAGA Open Championships to be held October 8-10, at Arcis’s Desert Pines Golf Club in Las Vegas, Nevada. Five of the 19 tournaments are considered Level I Championship events and include the following:

1) United States Disabled Golf Association Championship

2) North American One-Armed Golfer Association Championship

3) National Amputee Golf Association National Championship

4) Eastern Amputee Golf Association Championship

5) United States Blind Golfers Association National Championship

USAGA was established in 2014 and is now comprised of 36 national golf organizations around the country, driving the “WE SUPPORT PARA-GOLF” national movement by overcoming two constraints: providing adaptive golf instruction to all of those who wish to learn, and opening golf course accessibility to welcome impaired individuals. These member organizations work together to provide competitive pathways for all impaired individuals to accelerate their skills and reach the highest level of para-golf in this country, ultimately leading them to national and international competition. The USAGA believes that for the 57 million disabled in the United States, watching these para-athletes, will spark unparalleled levels of excitement and inspiration.


About United States Adaptive Golf Alliance:
Founded in 2014, the USAGA is a national alliance of 36-member adaptive golf organizations with common goals and objectives, promoting and providing resources for athletes with disabilities nationwide. In 2018, its member organizations provided adaptive golf to 20,000+ individuals across the country, of which 24% are wounded veterans. USAGA is the only organization in the country that provides competitive pathways in disabled golf – from basic instruction, get out and play, through and including national and international competitions for golfers with disabilities.

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