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Color Path Golf reaches deal to expand


COLOR PATH GOLF®, the company behind an innovative new golf coaching system developed by British PGA Professionals Kevin Merry and John Glenn, has partnered with, America’s most knowledgeable one-stop shop for all golf training needs.


COLOR PATH GOLF®, is a new visual way of learning that is already being used by coaches and thousands of golfers across the UK. Using the COLOR PATH GOLF® concept, shapes in the four primary colors are placed on the ground to create simple, easy to follow maps which give greater clarity to the path that the golf club should follow to hit the perfect shot.


The COLOR PATH GOLF® method is both a coaching tool that enables PGA Professionals to more easily coach and retain pupils, and a perfect practice training aid for golfers to take away and develop good habits learned in lessons. This combination of uses makes the perfect U.S. partner, as John Glenn, PGA Professional and co-founder of COLOR PATH GOLF® explains, “We’re delighted to have found the perfect partner in for our first steps in the U.S. market. It’s essential for us to have a partner that understands the varied applications of COLOR PATH GOLF® and one that can help us share our unique approach to the game with coaches and golfers across the U.S.”


It was this experience in the training aid market and understanding of the unique innovation offered by the COLOR PATH GOLF® method that first led to interest in partnering with the brand as Dane Wiren, General Manager at explains, “ was designed as a resource for providing training aids to teaching and touring professionals. We then developed a consumer proposition that now offers the world's largest selection of golf teaching and training aids. This gives us a unique insight into the market and we’re absolutely convinced that COLOR PATH GOLF® can be a huge success for both coaches and golfers alike.”

There are multiple products in the COLOR PATH GOLF® range which are designed to be used in conjunction with an online library of drills, games, lesson plans and coaching programmes that keep learning simple and fun whilst still guaranteeing progression. As well as the coaching kits, golfers can also purchase their own COLOR PATH GOLF® products to take away and ingrain the colorful visual learnings from their lessons. will be a central hub for all U.S. sales when the brand launches to the U.S. market in early 2019.

To find out more about the COLOR PATH GOLF® system please contact John Glenn at or visit

Re-awaken your passion for the game by learning how to map out a pathway to better golf!

The team at COLOR PATH GOLF®️ has one simple goal; to get more people into the game delivering a fun and enjoyable learning experience and to help everyone play better golf in our new colourful visual way.

With products for coaches and consumers the COLOR PATH GOLF® system helps golfers visualise a natural swing pattern on the ground and enjoy instant feedback to all areas of the game.

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