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<p>Trammel will examine why golfers choke</p>


Why Pros CHOKE

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[Orlando, FL, Jan. 24] One of the most perplexing phenomenon in professional sports is the CHOKE. In golf, audiences have witnessed spectacular failures in performance on the last day

or on the back 9 of a tournament by a professional golfer that may have carded record breaking rounds on the previous 3 days. How can it be explained that the same person, in the same environment, playing the same course can post a score so above the previous 3, that spectators and the media label it as just CHOKING.

But it’s more than that and Dr. Richard Trammel will break down some of the psychological reasons that choking happens to professional golfers.

Historically, some professional golfers have seemingly avoided all appearances of chocking whereas other equally talented players seem to fold under the same pressure. Why? It all begins in the way a person perceives a situation and in what perspective they categorize it.

Brain science has taught us that language is part of the puzzle that unravels performance. Athletic self-talk can undo a great performance as well as elevating a player’s game to dizzying heights. Choking is rooted in motivation, perspective, and ultimately, execution.

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If you would like to hear more information about this topic, Dr. Trammel will conduct a brief presentation on Jan. 24 at 1pm, Booth 1595.

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