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Feaser touts Peakvision’s edge

(CONWAY, SC – July 16, 2018) -- PEAKVISION Sunglasses CEO/Owner David Feaser enjoys educating people about the science of lens in sunglasses. Feaser, a veteran in the sunglasses business for over thirty years, says that one of the biggest misconceptions regarding lens for golfers is that polarized lenses is the way to go. “Not true!” says Feaser. “Polarized lens flatten and tend to lower depth perception of the objects that you are seeing. Golfers should not wear polarized lens!”

While PEAKVISION ( has polarized lens in their collection, Feaser recommends that polarized lens be used in a high-glare situation such as being on the water or on the slopes, not on the golf course.

Feaser recommends a non-polarized lens from their collection for golfers. PEAKVISION’s non-polarized lens provide extreme clarity/zero distortion, three times the visual information for your eye and heightens depth perception.

The game of golf starts with your vision and the PEAKVISION lens enhance what you’re seeing on the course.

The extreme difference with PEAKVISION Sunglasses is that the proprietary lens material, which equates to a distortion-free lens with extreme clarity, has the same clarity as ‘crown glass’ which has a -52 abbi rating for clarity. (The higher the number on a negative scale, the better the clarity). Normal polycarbonate lenses are typically in the -14 to -20 area of clarity. PEAKVISION lens provide 2 to 4 times the clarity on that index.

This is the first time in the history of sunglasses technology, that the lens deliver extreme clarity and zero distortion for a much more defined vision on the golf course.

“The technology behind PEAKVISION lens are so unique,” adds Feaser, “because the PEAKVISION lens are patented and the technology of PEAKVISION lens leap-frogs current technology of today.”

“Typical sunglasses distort and distract from what you are actually seeing on the course while PEAKVISION dual-zone patented lens actually enhance your vision providing three times the visual information for your eyes,” adds Feaser.

The technology in the PEAKVISION Sunglasses lens have been adopted by leading players, caddies and celebrities.

Steve Azar, hit singer/songwriter/recording artist and the Music & Culture Ambassador of Mississippi, says, “My friends and I were chatting about sunglasses on the golf course just the other day and all of us in our foresome agreed that the PEAKVISION lens are the best of them all. They won’t scratch no matter how tough we are on them, proof is I’ve been wearing the same pair I got back in 2011. They’re that durable. I’ve been given hundreds of pairs over my career to wear and compare and try out so with such a sample size, I feel like I’m a pretty good one to ask on the subject.” 

​Former PGA Tour winner and Ryder Cup player Chip Beck says that “PEAKVISION is the only sunglass that I’ve ever used playing golf because they have no distortion on the putting green. They are truly the best!”

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PEAKVISION offers a 30-day, moneyback guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.
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